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As we all know distant education has a crucial role in education system  and is used to describe various form of studies at all levels one of the major characteristics of distance education is its planning guidence and tution of tuturiol  guidence . it is an education system in which several porportions of teaching is conducted  by someomne removed in space or time from learner  allama iqbal university is a pinoor university of distance education in pakistan AIOU has offered courses from secondary to PHD levels almost in all courses the workshop is compulsary part , It was deep interest of the resarchers to find out the effectiveness of the workshop also find out the various factors which need improvement.

ACCORDING to Lockwood the term student support means the range of activities which compliment the mass product materials in OPEN DISTANCE LEARNING.Workshop is a place where a group of peoples engage in study or work on a creative project or subject. workshop is an important component of the distance education it play an effective role in the learning of distant student,Workshop is a place to learn,imitate experiments, try and fail and then try again, It is an oppurtunity for studentss to interact with there tutor and other fellows students thus can discuss problems.During  workshop use of latest techonlogy occurs and students are encouraged for the showcase of their experties  and also expert teachers are invitied to delivier lectures on different topics and to give proper guidence about their studies different topics are alloted to students and they are asked to make preentaion in front of the fellows and senior teachers.such prsentaions are usally evaluates.

In workshop there is usally two way communication and sharing of knowledge takes place .Mostly in M.ed program of AIOU workshops there are more about 100 students in the each group this is a big size of workshop and considered most imprtant barrier in transformation of knowledge among students.in workshop there is a face to face teaching  where sessions are sedeculed and resource person delivered their lesson  in face to face interaction in distance learning face to face envirnment are effective.in distance education workshop technology i.e.Multi,edia,Computer can be used during resources person lecture and these technologies helps persons to delivier the lectures effectively in big workshop and save time.

AS SUNDER has described the use of tecnology to give people oppurtunities to express their ideas visually and verbally he suggested that workshop employs the toolkits to facilititate effective collaboration the transformation that  takes  place when people goes from the verbal exchange of ideas to collective and visual expressions mode is extraordenary and can be quite benefical for the participants.

WORKSHOP SYSTEM OF ALLAMA IQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITY have been using convientional teaching add and methods for the past several years but now TV,VCR,MULTIMEDIA and computer has entered in the workshop audio,video,labs combines the sense of hearing and that of vision also.Reasearchers have shown that 50% of what we see and hear is remembered by us and it is belived that 83% of learning comes out through sight.

Workshop  is a compulsary component of M.ed  program and has three smesters workshops are held at the end of every smester before terminal examination the workshops are held almost every district of the country with the concered reginonal office. Workshop duration is 8days and in workshop daily 5seesions are designed for resouce person,s lectures  as workshop covers the important content of the course offered in the smester mostly in each smester four half credits are offered to the students the main objective of the workshop is to prepare the students for examination but attendence in the workshop is compulsary students who are absent from the workshop are decleared fail in the particular course.

the objective of the study was to investigate the objectives of the workshops of Aiou and elicit the participants regarding different aspects of workshop of the Aiou and to identify various aspects of workshop for further improvement.


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