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How to make mehndi designs? Eid Special Tips


If you are new and want to make mehndi designs, read the whole article. In this article, some tips have given, which are helpful for you to make mehndi designs. Each event and function looks unimpressive without henna. It becomes a custom/formality now. Usually, cousins and friends enjoy mehndi together. Rather whoever knows how to apply mehndi designs will become a popular girl in friends and family.

In this period of inflation, everyone can not go to polar only to apply henna. So most people prefer to make designs by themselves. You can also make simple mehndi designs by yourself. Read the points carefully and keep all these tips in mind while applying mehndi designs.

  • Draw the design on a paper that you want to apply on hand. After this, try to make that design on your hand.
  • Pick the mehndi in a way you pick a pen in your hand whenever you write something on a paper.
  • Use a common pin to open henna. Check whether the henna comes in proper flow or not. If it is not in the proper flow, push the common pin 4-5 times in the opening whole.
  • Sit in the opposite place while applying henna on someone’s hand. Mehndi does not look nice by sitting left or right.
  • Firstly, practice some designs in a mirror so that your hand will not shake whenever you make a design on hand.
  • Keep a tissue paper with you so that you can clean the opening of henna after making some design because it will dirty.
  • Ask the customer to straight her hand while you are applying henna on her hand.
  • Don’t dry henna in the sunshine, it puts harmful effects on your skin. (Advice your customer)

You will know how to apply mehndi designs with practice. So you should make a start with simple lane and Arabic design. After applying henna on hand, sprinkle glitter on the design. It makes your design beautiful. I am attaching some simple designs that you can try easily. Try all these designs, you will get a better experience.


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