Computer Science MCQs

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Computer Science MCQs | Latest Computer Science MCQs 2020


                Some of Computer Science MCQs for the practice of students are given in this article. The true option of all computer science MCQs is written as a (T) in front of a true option.

  1. Which of the following is the first generation of computers?

        (A) UNIVAC (T)                 

        (B) IBM-1401                     

        (C) CDC-1604     

        (D) ICL-2900

2.    Junk e-mail is also called ___?

        (A) spam (T)

        (B) spoof
        (C) sniffer script
        (D) spool

3.    Which statement describes “Hackers”?

        (A) All have the same motive

        (B) break into other people’s computers (T)
        (C) may legally break into computers
        (D) are the people who are allergic to computers

4.    What type of computers are client computers in a client-server system?

        (A) Mainframe

        (B) Mini-computer
        (C) Microcomputer (T)
        (D) PDA

5.    What is an embedded system?

        (A) The program arrives by being wrapped in a box.

        (B) The program is not a permanent part of the computer.
        (C) The computer is part of a larger system or machine. (T)
        (D) The computer and software system that controls the machine.

6. A computer cannot boot without the ______?

        (A) Compiler

        (B) Leader
        (C) Operating system (T)
        (D) Assembler

7.    The first page of the website is termed as _____?

        (A) Homepage (T)

        (B) Index
        (C) JAVAScript
        (D) Bookmark

8.    When a file is saved for the first time in the computer?

        (A) a copy is automatically printed

        (B) it must be given a name to identify it (T)
        (C) it does not need a name to save
        (D) it is not going  to be printed

10. Where the data and programs are stored when the processor uses them?

        (A) Secondary Memory

        (B) Disk Memory
        (C) Program Memory
        (D) Main Memory (T)

11.  Whatsapp was founded in 2009 by ____?

        (A) Brian Acton

        (B) Jan Koum
        (C) Mark Zuckerberg
        (D) Both A & B (T)

12. COBOL stands for _____?

        (A) Common Book Oriented Language

        (B) Common Basic Oriented Language
        (C) Common Boot Oriented Language
        (D) Common Business Oriented Language (T)

13. Who invented Slide Rules?

        (A) John Napier

        (B) William Oughtred (T)

        (C) Gottfried Leibnitz

        (D) Blaise Pascal

14.  ______ is the ability of a device to “jump” directly to the requested data?

        (A) Sequential access

        (B) Random access (T)
        (C) Quick access
        (D) All of the above

15.  ALU and Control Unit are jointly known as ______?

        (A) RAM

        (B) ROM
        (C) CPU (T)
        (D) PC

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