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When we talk about the worldwide exposure of things come to our mind, like advancement, modernization, new technology, everything of the next level, up to the mark, etc. New technology, books, brands, clothes, everything is updated similarly it also provides education of advanced and next level. Everyone wants to go abroad to get a higher education. As they provide a wide range and extraordinary facilities for education. They make a person independent, secure and strong for many stages of life. 
There are ten countries on the list which provide free education  
 1- Germany is at the top of the list to provide minimal or free of cost higher education.  
2- Norway provides graduate, post-graduate and doctoral level education free, but for this, you need to be good in the Norwegian language.
 3- Sweden offers Ph.D. degrees or classes free and also gives salary but they do take tuition fees from non-members of Nordic countries, EEA and EU. 
4- Austria, they charge very fewer tuition fees from non-members but it doesn’t cost much as it provides a beautiful place as well. 
5- Finland it also charges tuition fee form non-members of EEA and EU from students of bachelors and masters otherwise all levels are free. 
 6- The Czech Republic provides free education for all levels and to all nationalities and if you want to learn English then you have to pay a sufficient fee of ₹ 70,000 as tuition fee. 
7- France also provides free education except for some public universities which are very less and affordable and if you get to live with Eiffel tower of Paris then it seems nothing.
 8- Belgium cost very minimal fee to study which doesn’t pinch by you at all as you get to experience a different culture, language, and atmosphere.
 9- Greece cost very less fee to get higher education which is painless with the new environment. 
10- Spain give free education to EU members and charge very less to non-members. These were the counties that charge no or very little tuition fee which is easily affordable with lots of new and interesting experiences.
Then there are the top ten best scholarships of the world that provide you the best level to study abroad, have great exposure to things and polish and use your talent in the best possible way. So the first best scholarship is
1- Erasmus (Europe) it is to produce worldwide student motility.
2- Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme (France) its main aim is to provide scholarships to masters and Ph.D. level students, moreover this scholarship provides the student a monthly allowance of 1181£ as well as a return ticket to their homeland with social security cover. 
3- Chevening scholarships (UK), 1500 students from Chevening eligible countries, those who want to study in the UK, get an allowance, return ticket to home and other facilities as well. 
4- Endeavor Postgraduate Awards (Australia), for students who want to do a Ph.D. and masters in Australia, they also support you financially which include travel allowance, tuition fee, monthly allowance, travel, and health allowance as well.
5- Fulbright scholarships (USA) provides scholarships to almost 4000 international students with financial support. 
6- The Gates Millennium Scholarship (USA), this program provides education to 1000 students for free. They accommodate students with everything and tuition fees as well.
7- Swedish Institute Study Scholarship, provides education to 550 international students who want to pursue their education and their master’s degree. This also completely support the student financially, like health, insurance, fee, and traveling, etc.
8- Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarships (Global), it is from developing countries to provide free education to the students who want to complete their Master’s degree. They also accommodate students in many ways also provide free home return tickets. 
9- Rotary Global Foundation Study Grants (Global), this scholarship is for people who want to study abroad or away from their homeland. Their funds or scholarship starts from $30,000 and covers all the academic and travel expenses. 
10- Santander Bank, provide many scholarships as well. 

British universities also provide scholarships like university of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, King’s College London, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), University College London. Commonwealth Scholarships in the UK provide scholarships to those who are serious with their masters or Ph.D. degree. 
There are 50 colleges or universities which provide full scholarships. Some of them are Duke University. Robertson Scholars Leadership Program: This is a four-year scholarship that covers undergraduate tuition, mandatory fees, and room and board. Vanderbilt University, a student should attain a GPA of 3.0 for the continuation of his scholarship. The University of Chicago, University of Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, Washington University in St, Emory University provides a merit-based scholarship, and University of Southern California they receive full tuition fee as well as $5000 for extra expenses, the University of Virginia it covers the total value of $280,000 for non-Virginia residents and $ 150,000 for Virginia students, Wake Forest University and many many more opportunities which need a lot of time to give a look.
Studying abroad gives you a wide or broad understanding, knowledge and experiences of culture, different natures. It makes you a strong, confident and wise personality. It creates wisdom in you. It expands your network. You become socially strong and confident. You get many skills. To run yourself you do many courses and jobs, which in turn also gives new experiences and skills to you. You learn many languages and different cultures. It made you capable to fight with the world and to make yourself to prove that you are visible, useful and intelligent. It broadened your mind to a positive level. Being enrolled in some institutions of international fame makes you able to ascertain yourself at different international forums.   
Now the question arises that how do I get a scholarship to study abroad. For this, the answer is to ask help from someone near you who have already studied abroad. Research about it in the newspaper, the internet, etc. Contact the scholarship providing agencies or the scholarship granters. Try your faith or tweak your resume. Check references like search about the forms and details about applying and then apply. Work on it seriously, have faith, because some people think that they are not lucky enough to go abroad, so work on it seriously. And then wait for your grades.


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