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IT stands for information technology. When it comes to word IT, it is obvious that it is related to information systems, communication system or a computer system in which information is stored and through which we communicate. These all terms are interlinked with each other. IT is a very wide field. It is an extremely diverse profession. It includes different fields like software development, application management, hardware components such as desktop support, server or storage administrator, and network architecture. IT field needs specialized information, technology skills, knowledge to support equipment, applications and activities. 

Let us have a look at the best IT companies in Pakistan. NETSOL Technologies Inc. It is the first company listed in NASDAQ in 1999. It provides its service to more than 30 countries. It produces very authentic and high-quality products. In 2015 NETSOL launched an NSPIRE which is a business and tech incubator in Pakistan. The services which are furnished by this company are independent system review, business consultation, and information security. The main edges of this company are: 

1-Proven Track Record in which they find the solution to the challenges. They have a record of their success in which they have successfully meet deadlines of the complex projects and they have maintained the consistent quality. 

2- Domain Expertise which means they are refined and updated to ensure up to date practices and business solutions for everyone’s benefit.

 3- Ensured service level, it means they have the best level of service because of their strategy as they have 8 strategically located cites and 1300 professionals to deal with everyone with best minds. 

4- They know how to maintain their position as a leader also they have the pride to be the first company in the industry to introduce a digital transformation etc.

Systems Limited is a global leader of next-generation IT service which provides you with the best computing strategies. Solutions of government and private organizations. Its inception was in 1977. This company has completed its 600 projects in the United States, the Middle East, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Also, they have proven themselves as key players in the critical marketing segments in these countries. The services which are provided to you are BPO Solution, Software and IT Services, Consulting Services and Outsourcing Services. Its quality or ability which makes it different from others is to meet/face challenges and it’s assistance with clients.

S&P Global Pakistan its aim is to differentiate between intelligence and essential intelligence, which means they provide business intelligence and financial analytics to clients and others. Their basic principle of working is data gathering and data processing with the help of new technologies and to furnish the company and organization with the solutions. They are honored to be recognized for their efforts like Sustainable Investment Award for Innovation, Best Data Analytics Providers, Best Alternative Data Providers, Best Marketing Surveillance Provider, Best Overall Data Provider, Gold Winner-ESG Podcast, Best Reference Data Provider 2018, IFRS 9 ECL Modelling Solution of the Year and many more efforts, etc. 

TERADATA provides business analytics solutions, hybrid cloud products, IT solutions and architectural consulting. They have provided their services to the services are provided to telecommunication corporations, business and savings banks, airlines, health care corporations, international retailers, transportation and producing corporations. The clients include eBay, Philips, Cisco, PayPal, Volvo, and others. It operates in North and Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. It has more than 1400 clients in 77 countries.

TRG Pakistan, the resource group is an investment holding company specializing in the business process outsourcing sectorIt was incorporated in Pakistan on December 2, 2002. The work and services of the Company officially started on April 11, 2003The services which are provided by the TRG Pakistan is growth and accession capital, analytical and technology experience, strategic insight, a world operational footprint, a world perspective, associate degree an expansive network of relationships. It became the first listed IT-enabled services company in Pakistan. 

Medical Transcription Billing Co. MTBC could be a USA-based health care IT resolution supplier with a subsidiary in West Pakistan. It provides medical asking and practice services furthermore as medical transcription and business intelligence. It helps care suppliers to boost their practices victimization efficient technological solutions. It's over 10,000 glad shoppers across America. Our technological solutions and connected business services modify our shoppers with success meet restrictive challenges and prosper amidst a speedily shifting care trade atmosphere.

Ovex Technologies Ovex Technologies restricted is Pakistan’s largest offshore Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions supplier and the number one bourgeois of IT solutions. With quite 700 extremely qualified and trained personnel and 24/7 support, Ovex claims to supply the best IT solutions to the purchasers. Ovex Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. won the Company of the Year award at the second RCCI ICT Award 2016 and conjointly won the PSEB IT award. The purchaser's square measure USA-based firms like nut Pointe Technologies, PCM Inc., din Cloud, Premier BPO, fashionable Gov IT and Collab9

i2c Pakistan, i2c delivers differentiated credit, debit, and paid programs utilized by international brands and monetary establishments. Their mission is to produce higher eCommerce expertise to customer’s victimization digital integration.

LMKR. It is maybe a fossil fuel technology company with an in-depth Exploration & Production package Solutions Portfolio and Geoscience and knowledge service industry solutions. The in-depth solutions portfolio includes modeling and analytics packages, E&P services, mobile technology solutions, and practice services. It's purchasers in additional than eighty countries that conjointly embrace several Fortune five hundred firms.

Mentor Graphics, it could be a leader in electronic style automation (EDA) computer code. they permit firms to develop higher electronic merchandise quicker. Their innovative product styles offer engineering and technology solutions like FPGA and ESL styles, automotive engineering science styles, embedded computer code, mechanical analysis, and different practice services. Mentor Graphics strives to make and maintain a piece of surroundings supported dignity, trust, and respect of every individual to maximize the will and talent of staff around the world to contribute to the companies' success.

So these were the top 10 best IT companies in Pakistan. Each of them has a unique goal, commitment, worldwide diversity, and work environment and activities.



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