National Technology Council, Pakistan

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The National Technology Council is a specialist body under the legitimate control of the Propelled training Commission (Pakistan). NTC approves science technology testament programs in Pakistan. It also enrolls building technologists the country over.

The Advanced education Commission has built up the National Technology Council (NTC), an accreditation council, to screen and certify technology-related degree programs. National Technology Council's principal concern is with the accreditation for technology-related training programs.

Vision, Mission & Value Of National Technology Council

The vision of the National Technology Council is to change Pakistan through technology by guaranteeing excellent instructing and preparing, to create Technologists to support society.

The strategic the National Technology Council is to Certify Advanced education Organizations Projects for graduate technologists; invigorate quality, development in instructing and preparing, self-assessment and responsibility in Advanced education. Help Advanced education Establishments (HEI's) to understand their scholarly goals to deliver excellent expert technologists to assist society.

Targets of the National Technology Council is to streamline and sort out technology instruction at the national level by distinguishing national and worldwide needs, dovetailing technology experts into people in general, private area ventures. Characterize and apply accreditation and confirmation principles for improving quality in technology training just as giving ensured proficient technologists at the national and worldwide levels.

Accreditation? Procedure, Advantages & Significance

Accreditation is a kind of value confirmation procedure to guarantee that the Advanced education Foundations (HEI's) offer excellent Technology Training programs. Right now, activities and assets of an Instructive Establishment or Program/Educational plan are analyzed and assessed by an outer body to decide their consistency with a lot of gauges, rehearses and refreshed with regards to the dynamic needs of the business.

The accreditation procedure of the National Technology Council is intended to be reliable with Out-Come Based Instruction Framework (OBE). Accreditation is granted to HEI after effective consistency with the present Norms of Technology Instruction degree programs practically identical with International Guidelines. Consistency is dictated by the assessment of composed reports gave against endorsed structures and by the on-location investigation. On location, reviews are completed dependent on OBA Framework by Accreditation Examination Councils (AIC)s containing specialists who are qualified, very much prepared and experienced in the significant fields. AIC audit educational program of the full program, evaluate the nature of personnel, Research facilities, Budgetary Quality, framework, and different assets.

National Technology Council accreditation guarantees that quality technology training programs practically identical to international gauges are run in all colleges of the nation. The Accreditation procedure offers the Establishment a chance to direct a top to bottom investigation of its qualities and shortcomings in its inside and outer conditions and ensures and advances the enthusiasm all things considered. Through Accreditation NTC guarantees the most noteworthy level of believability, in the confirmation of Value Technology Instruction and Importance of Expert Instruction and Preparing to all Partners, for example, Academicians, Business Houses, Instructive Foundations, Government, Industry, Controllers, Understudies, and their folks.

National Technology Council, Extension

National Technology Council offers following beneath recorded 4 years degree projects of technology disciplines, yet not constrained to, fall in the accreditation and enlistment review of national technology council.

Allied Health Sciences Technologies

  • BS Anesthesia Technology
  • BS Applied Exercise / Sports Medicine Technology
  • BS Cardiac Perfusion / Cardiology Technology
  • BS Dental Technology
  • BS Emergency and Intensive Care Technology
  • BS Medical Imaging / Radiography & Imaging Technology
  • BS Medical Laboratory Technology
  • BS Medical Technology
  • BS Mortuary Technology
  • BS of Nuclear Medicine Technology
  • BS Operation Theater & Surgery Technology
  • BS Ophthalmology Technology
  • BS Orthodontics and Prosthetics Technology
  • BS Radiotherapy Technology
  • BS of Rehabilitation Medical Technology
  • BS Renal Dialysis Technology
  • BS Respiratory Care Technology
  • BS Speech Therapy Technology

Applied Physics Technologies

  • Nano-Technology / Nano Science and Technology

Life Science Technologies

  • BS Animal Production & Technology
  • BS Biotechnology

Engineering Technologies

  • BSc Aeronautical Engineering Technology
  • BSc Agro-Industrial Engineering Technology
  • BSc Air Conditioning Engineering Technology
  • BSc Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Technology
  • BSc Architectural Engineering Technology
  • BSc Automotive Engineering Technology
  • BSc Aviation Engineering Technology
  • BSc Bioengineering Technology
  • BSc Biomedical Engineering Technology
  • BSc Chemical, Process, Plant Engineering Technology
  • BSc Civil Engineering Technology
  • BSc Coal Engineering Technology
  • BSc Computer Engineering Technology
  • BSc Construction Engineering Technology
  • BSc Cyber Security Engineering Technology
  • BSc Drafting/Design Engineering Technology (Mechanical)
  • BSc Electrical Engineering Technology
  • BSc Electronic(s) Engineering Technology
  • BSc Electromechanical Engineering Technology
  • BSc Energy Engineering Technology
  • BSc Environmental Engineering Technology
  • BSc Fashion Design and Engineering Technology
  • BSc Fire Protection Engineering Technology
  • BSc Garment Engineering Technology
  • BSc Industrial Engineering Technology
  • BSc Information Engineering Technology
  • BSc Instrumentation and Control Systems Engineering Technology
  • BSc Manufacturing Engineering Technology
  • BSc Marine Engineering Technology
  • BSc Materials Engineering Technology
  • BSc Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • BSc Mechatronics Engineering Technology
  • BSc Metallurgical Engineering Technology
  • BSc Mining Engineering Technology
  • BSc Nuclear Engineering Technology
  • BSc Petroleum Engineering Technology
  • BSc Space Science Engineering Technology
  • BSc Surveying / Geomatics Materials Engineering Technology
  • BSc Telecommunications Engineering Technology
  • BSc Textile Engineering Technology



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