China's Biggest Problem Coronavirus | Now It Is Becoming a Problem All Over The World

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The corona virus is described as a part of the genus Coronaviridae, and in a microscope it resembles a dyed ring, and because of its nucleus, it has been called corona, which surrounds its make viral envelope.

Corona viruses have an RNA sequence and cannot increase their numbers until they enter the living cells and control their functions, which is exactly what helps their cells enter the cell. Such as making way for an explosive to blow through the door.

Once coronavirus  transforms the Cells

Once inserted, it transforms the cells into a virus factory and uses the molecular chain to make more viruses and then starts sending them to other places, that is, the virus infects other cells and The stream keeps moving forward.

This type of virus is commonly found in animals that are discovered in bats such as cattle, pets, wildlife and when transmitted to humans it causes fever, respiratory tract diseases and lungs.

People with weak immune systems, such as the elderly or HIV. In AIDS patients, etc., these viruses cause serious respiratory diseases.

SARS or MERS | Coronavirus

Corona viruses, such as SARS or MERS, are easily transmitted from one person to another. The SARS virus emerged in the early 2000s and infected more than 8,000 people, resulting in close to 800 deaths.

Mercer appeared in the early 2010s and affected nearly two and a half thousand people, resulting in more than 850 deaths.

Where did this new virus come from?

The 2019 Novel Corona virus has apparently begun to spread from the Huan Seafood wholesale market in Wuhan, China.

Coronavirus vs Wuhan City

Coronavirus Wuhan

Wuhan is a city of more than 10 million people and the market also sells fish as well as other animals such as bats and snake meat, and the market was shut down on January 1 after the virus came out.

In the past, pandemic diseases have also been the cause of the market's outbreaks and outbreaks, and so far, many of the people who have been confirmed to have the virus have been introduced to Wuhan Sea Food Market in recent weeks, meaning that the market The virus is an important part of the onset, but scientists currently have to confirm it after various tests and tests.

Discoveries and details about the Corona virus

The first outbreak of the virus in Wuhan, China, has so far claimed more than 383 deaths and affected more than 11,000 people.

In Pakistan too, 16 cases have now been confirmed on March 9.

The virus was first temporarily renamed the 2019 Novel Corona or En Kov, and now codo 19, was first reported by the World Health Organization on December 31 and has been under investigation ever since. So that integrated measures can be taken to prevent it.

Chinese scientists have linked it to the Corona virus, a family of viruses, including the deadly SARS virus of the 2000s.

Scientists have not yet fully understood the destructive potential of this new virus, while researchers have now begun to determine its origin, its transmission, and its spread.

Important steps were taken by the Chinese government to prevent the Corona virus

China has taken massive steps to spread it, while the World Health Organization's Special Committee declared it a global public emergency in the last week of January and a global epidemic on March 11.

The situation about this virus is advancing rapidly and now you can know everything about this mysterious virus that has been exposed so far and what steps you can take to prevent it.

After China, the Corona virus has now become a global problem

Uncertainty has arisen around the world following the Karuna virus attack in China. The virus can cause death by invading the human respiratory system, and by now more than 80 people have died of it. China has closed transit and public places in 12 nearby cities, including them, in order to control the mysterious virus, urging 4 million people to stay in their homes for 14 days. Is gone Citizens have been barred from visiting lakes, rivers, and canals. According to US officials, 50 suspected virus-related patients are being tested. In the UK, 14 patients have been cleared of suspicion of the Corona virus.

A Chinese resident in Multan has also been shifted to the hospital on suspicion of the Karuna virus. Patients from whom the germ has been obtained and are being reviewed in the laboratory. Authorities in China and the World Health Organization have come to the conclusion that the virus is a cold-borne epidemic that affects the respiratory tract. But there are only six of these viruses that infect humans. The new Corona virus may be the seventh type that can negatively impact human life.  The outbreak caused by the coronavirus killed 774 people out of 8098 affected.

Corona Virus: What are the Symptoms of the Disease and How to Protect itself?

According to the World Health Organization, a chronic lung disease virus that originated in China has now spread to more than 100 mammals. The Corona virus has infected more than one million people in the world so far and killed more than 3600.

The virus has also spread to Pakistan and its neighbors. So far 18 patients have been confirmed in Pakistan.

The virus has also spread to Pakistan and its neighbors. So far 18 patients have been confirmed in Pakistan.


Coronavirus Symptoms

corona virus

  •  It apparently starts with a fever followed by a dry cough.
  •  After a week there is difficulty breathing.
  •  It should be noted that the symptoms of nasal congestion and sneezing are very rare in this infection.
  •  Coronavirus Symptoms
  •  Respiratory problems (severe)
  •  Fever + cough
  •  Pneumonia viral)
  •  Flu (colds, flu)
  • Headache
  •  Fat loss


1: Keep the throat dry

 2: Drink some water

 3: Drink water up to 50 ° C at large

 4: Drink water up to 30 ° C

 5: Keep drinking hot water until March

 6: Don’t go to crowded places

 7: Must wear a mask when traveling, going out and leaving the market

 8: Avoid spices and fried foods

 9: Wash hands immediately when coming out

 10: Wash hands repeatedly

 11: Make more use of vegetables and fruits

 12: Avoid meat


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