Bushra Iqbal Asked: Jul 22,2020

How to perform Tahajjud Prayer?The Tahajjud prayer is a special prayer which is recommended for all Muslims. The Tahajjud is prayed after Isha (the obligatory night prayer) and before (the obligatory Morning Prayer). Though the Tahajjud isn’t compulsory, many devout Muslims try to make it part of their daily routine as an act of worship and to earn forgiveness from Allah. To learn how to pray the Tahajjud in the way lay out by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).  Preparing for Prayer1.      Arrange to wake up after ...


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rajafahadbinasif Asked: Feb 23,2020

Govt Hajj Scheme 2020 Is Announced by Pakistani Government those who want to perform Hajj can apply now through different banksThe application will be selected through draws like every year and draw will be conducted by MORA ( Ministry of Religious Affair)Group member size is from one member to 14 membersEligibility for Hajj 2020If a person performs hajj before 2015 then he can apply for hajj 2020 again this year because of the government-set limit of 5 years Females are not allowed to apply for the government hajj 2020 scheme without mehr ...


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