What do you know about chughtai lab network in Pakistan?

What services chughtai lab is providing and what are their charges?


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Chughtai Lab is one of the main pathology labs in Pakistan. The lab was established by Dr. A S Chughtai in 1983 as 'Lahore Lab.' Over a time of 33 years, the lab has developed to an across the country system of 7 testing areas and in excess of 160 assortment places. The lab has an across the nation coordinate with nearness in excess of 50 urban areas.
Chughtai Lab has constantly centered around quality so as to acquire the trust of patients and specialists. The lab utilizes just the most recent computerized and coordinated instruments from fabricates of worldwide notoriety. The lab is staffed by 20 pathologists and more than 70 BSc/MSc/MPhil lab technologists. Chughtai Lab is ISO 15189 guaranteed and furthermore partakes in the College of American Pathologists outer Quality Assurance program.

The Chughtai Lab group has a crucial convey precise outcomes, on schedule. Over 70% of therapeutic choices depend on lab tests, and that is the reason it is significant for lab results to be precise and opportune. The lab works 24 hours per day, each day of the year. The lab utilizes completely robotized instruments on a 'test as your go' guideline, with no prerequisite for group testing. This empowers the lab to report test results rapidly while never settling on quality. It is a result of this notoriety of solid quality and brisk announcing time that Chughtai Lab is the reference lab of decision for in excess of 50 distinct medical clinics and labs.
Currently, chughtai lab is offering quality services for patients in below-listed terms
CT scan facility
Mammogram facility
Dexa scan facility
Radiology Services
Endoscopy at Chughtai Medical Center
Chughtai lab home care 24/7
Vein finder facility
Blue card discounts
And many more...
So, do consult and feel free to visit chughtai lab for your weekly or monthly medical checkups.

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