What is tune.pk? How tune.pk works?

What is the history of tune.pk?


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Tune.pk is a mainstream video-sharing stage, whose notoriety wins in Pakistan as well as all around too. We are serving video substance to million of clients consistently.

Thought behind tune.pk
The thought was to make a site that would develop as a total stage to advance music and Pakistani groups
First Launch
Tune.pk was propelled just because of utilizing outsider programming projects. In any case, following an aggregate of 4 days, the site was brought somewhere near the facilitating supplier, as the content was not approved.
ClipBucket was conceived
As an outcome of Tune.pk's underlying bring down, ClipBucket was framed in a broad 30 Days. The objective was to have content that would be possessed by us and would help in bringing Tune.pk again into the business.

Tune.pk propelled 2008
In 2008, the site was propelled once more. In any case, it couldn't take off effectively due to naiveté and dilettantism. Later on conflicting traffic, inaccessibility of specialized asset and absence of speculation turned into the underlying driver of deferral in site dispatch on a greater level.

Tune.pk Returns
Lastly in 2012, TPK was fit to be brought to the bleeding edge. In the wake of conquering all the obstacles, the group was prepared to give their best of everything to take TPK to the statures of achievement.

New web architecture dispatch
An enactment was done at BNU to advance PCFF and make brand mindfulness about TPK. Our new web architecture and highlights went live

Tribute to the Martyrs of APS Peshawar assault
Tune.pk filled in as the official substance accomplice for Pocket Cinema Film Festival. Notwithstanding that, the group made a page to pay tribute to the Martyrs of APS Peshawar assault.

Advanced Media Partnership with Pakwheels
Pakwheels held hands with Tune.pk as Digital Media Partner. Both would towards content advancement and advancement together.

Now, in recent days tune.pk has updated his revenue and monetization policy, user upload levels and has released its first-ever transparency report. You can read it on tune.pk.

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