How can I create my silk bank Asaan account?

What are the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the silk bank?


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Silk bank Asaan Account furnishes you with a banking arrangement that is simple for everybody. Open your Asaan Account with Silkbank and experience banking that meets your regular budgetary needs.

You would now be able to open your Silkbank Asaan Account, a Current Account, with simply your CNIC, an underlying store of Rs. 100 and by rounding out a one-page structure. You can open one Asaan Account (single or joint) on your CNIC. Isn't that straightforward!

Not just that, there is no base equalization necessity and as a client, you are likewise qualified for a large group of banking offices including Silkbank Visa Debit Card Facility which gives restrictive limits at more than 100 accomplice outlets across the country. You likewise get a free first Checkbook, free SilkMobile, free E-proclamations and substantially more!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about silk bank personal loan

What are the base and most extreme advance sums that I can get?
You can get any credit sum extending from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 2 million relying upon your salary level and by and large obligation trouble proportion.

How the evaluating of the advance is resolved?
The increase rate is made out of a year KIBOR and a pre-characterized spread. The
KIBOR will change each year anyway the spread will stay fixed over the tenor of the advance.

What is handling charge of Silkbank Personal Loan?
A handling expense of Rs 5,000 or 1% of credit sum (whichever is higher) in addition to 16% FED is charged liable to credit endorsement.

Will I pre-pay my Silkbank Personal Loan?
Indeed. You can pre-pay your Silkbank Personal Loan subject to punishment. The punishment is collected on remarkable equalization. If it's not too much trouble allude to the accompanying framework for pre-installment penality.
The penalty will be charged on the remarkable parity if there should arise an occurrence of full settlement and on a balanced sum if there should arise an occurrence of halfway settlement. A year is equivalent to 12 portions from the date of disbursal and just 1 halfway installment is permitted in a year and no incomplete installments are permitted in the first year.

How would I need to re-pay my Silkbank Personal Loan?
You need to store the regularly scheduled payment in your re-installment Irrevocable Standing Directions (ISI) a/c at the latest due date.

Imagine a scenario in which I pay my Silkbank Personal Loan regularly scheduled payment late.
Late installment energizes to Rs. 1,200/ - per missed portion will be relevant.
Would I be able to build my Loan limit?
Truly, you can apply for Loan limit improvement.

Is there any charge identified with this office?
An improvement expense of Rs 5,000 or 1% of the top-up sum (whichever is higher) in addition to 16% FED is charged liable to advance endorsement.

Will it increment my regularly scheduled payment?
You can decrease your month to month credit portion by expanding the tenor of the advance. (Up to limit of 5 years)

Where is this credit advertised?
It is offered in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad.

What is Silkbank Personal Loan for?
Silk bank Personal Installment Loan can be utilized for addressing any requirements with the exception of membership in an Initial Public Offering (IPO). You can likewise move your extraordinary credits at different banks to Silkbank and can even get money top-up with same month to month portion.

Is there any security required for acquiring Silkbank Personal Loan?
No. This credit is unbound.

What kind of advance is this?
It is a term account. You need to reimburse it back in equivalent regularly scheduled payments.

What is the tenor of the credit?
From 1 year to a limit of 5 years.

Do I need to pay the principal portion forthright?
No. The main portion will be expected following a month of disbursal of your Personal Portion Loan.

Am I qualified to apply for Silkbank Personal Loan?
You are qualified to apply for Silkbank Personal Installment Loan on the off chance that you are a salaried individual and meet the base criteria.

Do I need to be of a particular age to be qualified for Silkbank Personal Loan?
21 years to 65 years or confirmed retirement age (whichever is prior to credit development).
The most extreme age would be 62 years if retirement age couldn't be checked.

What ought to be my base month to month compensation to qualify?
For Salaried: PKR 40,000/ -

What is the obligation trouble prerequisite for Silkbank Personal Loan?
half total obligation trouble (DB) according to SBP.

In how long my case will be prepared?
Your case will be prepared in 10 days' time from the date the sum total of what reports have been submitted.

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