What is shophive? What is their business model?

What are the customer reviews about shophive?


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Shophive is the first web-based business store of Pakistan, began in Sep 2005, quick conveyance, we, for the most part, sell Macintosh items, cell phones, workstations, drove television, apparatuses, hardware, it and now began style items, office gear, furniture and some more. we have in excess of 45000 items in our site with center around consumer loyalty.
Shophive accepts authentic client stories to help purchasers and merchants the same.
ResellerRatings offers voice to a huge number of customer encounters and helps in excess of 2,500 retail marks gather, break down, answer, and disseminate buyer audits. Our powerful syndication organizations build up purchaser trust by distributing those surveys through Google, Bing, Facebook, and different channels.atisfaction.

Customer reviews and comments

1:Zeesha Yaseen
Stars 5/5
Comment: "This was one of the fastest delivery services in Lahore. The product was nice too."

Stars 1/5
Comment: "I bought a new Dell Inspiron 7075. Fist of all the guy at there shop told me all the time are new, swap my card and after opening the box it was roughly packed and had fingerprints all over the screen and body. Plus only 7 days check the warranty. Later my Transaction was void.
Shophive COM
1 G AL HAFEEZ VIEW 67 D 1 SIR SYED ROAD SHOP GULBERG 3, Lahore. worst shop ever."

Stars 1/5
Comment: Terrible service
"Gave us a repackaged iPhone as new!"

Stars 1/5
Comment: Worst e-commerce experience
"They charged my cc right away. It even shows up on my online statement yet they haven't gotten 'bank approval'! Which era are they living in? I ordered from them for same-day delivery and a few days later, I'm still trying to get them to cancel my order, which still hasn't shipped.
I'm surprised how they are still in business!"

5: xeeshantsha
Stars 1/5
Comment: Fraud Site
"The most unprofessional team. They took 48000 PKR and did not send the Apple Watch Series 2. They assign a person to your order, and upon payment, he stops answering your call. In the end, they blame you that we did not provide information correctly.
Worst experience I have ever had with any E-Commerce website across Pakistan."

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