kitab ghar? Is it a best site for reading and downloading Urdu novels?

What are the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Kitab Ghar?


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Kitab Ghar is a project of "Urdustan Network". Aim of Kitab Ghar is to promote Urdu and give an approach to the lovers of Urdu Literature.
Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
What is Kitaab Ghar? What reason does it serve?
Kitaab Ghar (in English, Home of Books) was begun in January-2004 with the objective to give a focal spot of free quality books to Urdu perusers. It resembles a virtual library, where you can peruse and peruse your selection of books, aside from one major contrast. It's FREE and doesn't require any sort of expense.
Kitaab Ghar fills some needs, including however not restricted to, an arrangement of 100% free books (E-Books) to Urdu book darlings, the advancement of Urdu language, Urdu scholars and quality Urdu books just as exposure of Urdu book distributers.

Would you be able to send me free books on my place of residence?
No. We don't send free books on personal residences, not even on E-Mail Addresses. We just give free Books (E-Books) on our site. Guests can peruse our online list of books, read them on the web OR download for later perusing.

All the top of the line books of well-known journalists of this age is absent on Kitaab Ghar. Why?
Truly that is valid. Renowned journalists and their book distributors don't allow to distribute their work online in E-Book position for the online libraries. Be that as it may, the books we are furnishing with the assent of essayists are acceptable in Quality, Authentication, and Entertainment.

A few Books are not accessible for downloading (PDF File Missing). Why?
All the books delivered by Kitaab Ghar, are accessible for download in PDF records. It would be ideal if you check the rundown of books delivered by Kitaab Ghar.
Other than giving free downloadable PDF Books to our esteemed guests, we have likewise attempted to GIVE access to those records, not accessible genuinely on Kitaab Ghar. So now our guests can essentially peruse our Books Catalog, OR search the books of their advantage and read them on their real web area (other than Kitaab Ghar). This will spare their time and exertion for discovering books.

Why it gives blunder when I need to print the downloaded PDF book?
We have impaired print alternative in PDF, to profit the authors and distributors. digital books are just intended to be perused on screen. On the off chance that you need to peruse books on paper, you should repurchase paper-printed books, to help monetarily their authors and distributors. Printing a book is unmistakably more costly than purchasing a previously printed book.

Who is financing this project?
US (You and We) are financing this venture. We (people) are bearing all the costs of facilitating, site upkeep, refreshes, making out of new books and so on., independent from anyone else EITHER by our pocket OR a little income produced through advertisements on the webpage (when YOU click the standards and visit our backers' site). So in the event that you wish to enable us, to please visit our patrons' sites.

I'm dazzled with your endeavors and need to help. In what capacity can I?
Much obliged. There are numerous ways you can help us in the venture and advancing Urdu. This should be possible by:
-Spreading the great words about Kitaab Ghar on Internet by expressions of-mouth, E-Mails, setting our flag on your site/network/message sheets/magazines/papers and so forth.,
-Volunteering your support of form (type) Urdu Books. For more subtleties please CONTACT US.
-Supporting a book by giving us assets to its creation. For more subtleties please CONTACT US.
-Visiting our patrons' sites through their flags on Kitaab Ghar. It will help us keeping Kitaab Ghar on the web and making it far and away superior by presenting more books.

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