Does anybody know about liberty books?

What is the mission of liberty books? What do they do?


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Liberty books are one of the largest chains of locally operated bookstores in Pakistan who is delivering books to over 350 cities of Pakistan. It is one of the first bookstores in Pakistan to establish an online e-commerce store with a wide variety of books available in dozen of different categories.

Liberty Books Mission
Liberty Books set up in 1952, is a Pakistani family-claimed chain of across the nation bookstores. We began our excursion from a booth in the old city Karachi and have manufactured a national system of distinctive bookstores and a customized online encounter conveying books all around Pakistan.
To our assorted readership, we give a wide exhibit of 90,000 titles of reasonable deal books, endowments, and instructive asset materials. We try to give a cordial and sustaining condition to empower the solid trade of thoughts by facilitating various book dispatches, book bazaars, youngsters story understanding sessions, board introductions, and online conversations.
We are focused on drawing in with the numerous assorted perusers and associations of our general public on a national scale, to work joined towards the objectives of a learned and instructed network.
We are enthusiastic about the composed word and look to share our adoration for perusing to help make and continue a country of deep-rooted perusers.

Liberty Books Then And Now!

-Liberty Books began its excursion in 1951 with a little roadside bookstall in Saddar, Karachi. It was established by Mr. Abdul Hussain who had landed in Pakistan with his family to begin over again after the segment

-Liberty Books opened its first proper retail location in 1961 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Karachi. This open-door prepared the little family run business with the complexities of composed retail.
Late Mr. Hussain and his children (at that point joined up with school and school) worked vigorously sharing stockroom and retail moves.

-Liberty Books was one of the primary brands in Pakistan to dispatch an internet business site in Pakistan in 1998. We needed to contact a more extensive crowd and make our books broadly accessible through our site. Subsequently started the excursion of building the biggest online bookstore in Pakistan.

-In 2012, liberty books presented Cash on Delivery on their site expanding client comfort and access to books the nation over.

-Today, Liberty Books is the main privately claimed and worked bookstore chain in Pakistan with 10 stores in the nation and an online store that administrations every single significant city in Pakistan. Liberty books speak to the biggest number of worldwide distributors and keep on developing in the manner they serve their clients. Liberty books excursion has been long, brimming with learning and intriguing encounters. They keep on moving in the direction of the point of empowering the perusing propensity in Pakistan.

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