Does anybody know about National Technology Council?

How to get accredited from the National Technology Council? How to get registered by National Technology Council?


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NATIONAL TECHNOLOGY COUNCIL ( NTC ), is an organization created by Higher Education Commission (HEC) under sub-domain (e) of segment 10, of the law No LIII of 2002, dated eleventh September 2002 and HEC No.19-3/HEC/HRM/2015/9721 dated seventh September 2015, distributed in the Gazette of Pakistan October 2, 2015. NTC has a command to do accreditation of each of the multi-year programs prompting technology degrees over a range of 16 years of learning. The Accreditation is to be utilized to guarantee that quality technology instruction programs are run in all the colleges in the nation. The technology programs and particular Higher Education Institutions satisfy certain characterized guidelines practically identical to international principles. The technology instruction educational plan is lined up with rules of HEC and guarantees Continual Quality Improvement culture, in the soul of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) framework in conformance with Sydney Accord.

How to get certified or accreditated from the National Technology Council?

For the most part, the means engaged with the accreditation procedure are as per the following:
-The instructive foundation will make an application for accreditation by presenting the important data utilizing the Accreditation Information Form. On the off chance that another program is to be begun or effectively authorize program is to be re-licensed the application will be submitted in any event a half year before the beginning of another program or expiry of the effectively certify program

-NTC will shape Accreditation Inspection Committee (AIC) to assess the submitted data. The Committee will be going by a Team Leader, and the number of individuals on the Accreditation Committee will rely upon the program to be licensed. NTC will receive the accompanying rules in deciding the structure of the (AIC)

-A scholarly (or in the past a scholastic) part, ideally prepared in accordance with Sydney Accord prerequisites, will be remembered for the Team

-Equipped expert delegates of HEC, NTC, Academia, and Industry may comprise Accreditation Inspection Committee (AIC)

-The AIC Leader ought not to be a present scholastic in an instructive establishment in the district of the nation where Accreditation will be in the process

-The (AIC) may in the wake of assessing the submitted data, demand for extra data where important

-On the off chance that the data gave is adequate, the (AIC) Leader will demand the Secretary of the NTC/Program Coordinator to liaise with the Educational Institution to build up a calendar or program for an on-location visit and resulting Evaluation

-On the off chance that onlookers are to be remembered for the on-location visit, the Secretary of the NTC/Program Coordinator will look for earlier composed assent from the Educational Institution, as its costs will be independently charged to the Institution

-The AIC will complete the on-location visit, which could take between one to two days

-The AIC will meet, get ready and present its rundown report to NTC inside 4 days after the on-location visit; and formal report inside about a month after the visit

-Based on the report by the AIC and its suggestions, a choice on accreditation will be made by NTC. As needs are the Higher Educational Institution (HEI) will be educated regarding the choice by NTC

-An intrigue, whenever considered vital, against the choice of NTC should be submitted recorded as a hard copy inside 30 days

How to get enlisted or registered by the National Technology Council?

-The candidates will apply online through NTC Website and adhere to enlistment guidelines. In the wake of finishing on the web enrollment process, print out of the application alongside every single important record and bank challan receipt, after installment in the bank, must be sent to recorder NTC through trustworthy dispatch administration on the following location:
-Enlistment center, National Technology Council (NTC),
-Secretariat room 14-018, HRD Complex, HEC
-Area H-8/1, Islamabad 44000.
-N.B: Manual application or by hand application won't be engaged/got.

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