SECP registeration process in Pakistan

In this article we will discuss the complete procedure of how you can register your own company with SECP.

In Pakistan to Solve Legal matters are very expensive and feeses are too hight. One of my friends want to register a Company and when he consults with agents they told too many fees then we decided to apply directly without any consultant and yes we achieve the goal SECP Process is very easy

SECP E-Service Portal through which we can register our company online using our own Computer

Let's Discuss the Incorporation Process


  • Company Name Reservation, First we will reserve the company name which not taken by any other company in Pakistan
  • Select the type of Company
    • Single Limited Company
    • Private Limited Company
    • Public Limited Company
  • Single Limited Company need at least one Director and one Subscriber
  • Private Limited Company: need at least two directors
  • Public Limited Company needs at least three directors of the company 

STEP 2: Documnets of Incorporation

  • You have to file some documents during registeration of company 
  • Momorndeum of Association and Article of Association
  • Form 1, 21 and 29
  • You have to pay bank challan fee
  • You have to upload the Scan copies of CNIC of directors 

STEP 3: Digital Signatures

  • ​​​​​​​From NIFT you can get the form and register yourself for Digital Signatures
  • Signed the documents using NIFT Digital Signatures and Proceed to Next Step


STEP 4: Fee of Incorporation/ Filing

  • Offline Payment: you have to submit the challan before completing the process of Incorporation
  • Online Payment: you have to select the process and complete the payment using E-services of SECP 

​​​​​​​ STEP 5: Certificate of Incorporation

  • When you register as a Company you will receive an email in case of any objections you will also receive email
  • after successful registration of the company you can collect your certificate from CRO ( Company Registration Office) 


If you are interested to start SECP Registration Process in Pakistan Lets start Here

to visit the website 

If you need any help drop a comment 



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