Punjab Education Foundation

Punjab Education Foundation? What are the goals of the Punjab Education Foundation? How does it work for the prosperity of the nation? 

Punjab Education Foundation has been constructed under the Punjab Education Foundation act X-II of 2004. The aim of the Punjab Education Foundation was to encouraging and spotting the efforts of the private sector in providing education to the poor through public and private partnership and the main goal of this department is to promote education and make it accessible to the poor. 
The strategy of the department:

  1. Betterment of education through the private sector to low-income households. 
  2. To improve the quality of education teachers are providing with professional training. 
  3. Sports schools located in less developed areas. 
  4. Sport female education. 
  5. Introduction of a new instrument for financial assistance per child enrolled basis. 
  6. To maintain the record of the institution to maintain the quality of education. 

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