Elementary and Secondary Education

What is the elementary and secondary education department? How it works and how they achieve its goals? 

The elementary education department is the biggest department of KPK. It provides quality education to all city and its goal to maximize the level of education and level of literacy in the province. With the help of the department, kpk will be a more successful and self-sustained develop the province of Pakistan. The main goal of this department is to produce responsible and skilled citizens. The national education system should be meaningful and it will help to elevate the poverty from the province and make the quality of education for quality of life better. Education should be provided to everyone without any gender discrimination. Just department introduce education sector reforms and prevention reforms program that will enhance or increase the quality of education and separated 100% pure education to the citizens without any gender discrimination. 

  • Education
  • Female education 
  • Education development 
  • Public sector promotion 

Rules to achieve goals:

  • Preparation of annual development program
  • Foreign aid projects
  • Model School and cadet colleges
  • Repair the maintenance of schools
  • Preparation of long term plans
  • Inspections
  • Data collection
  • Purchase of land for the school
  • Additional classroom and provision of basic facilities
  • Addition of computer Laboratories.



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