How Pakistan railway suits you as being an employee there? How can you check for their upcoming job offers?

Pakistan railway started in May, 1861 for the Public.It forms the major structure Of the Country as it provides the best transportation services all over the country. 
By the use of it, transport becomes easy. It provides a lot of facilities such as trading, business and traveling etc.They give the best social background to their employees. There are number of railway lines in Pakistan the first one of them is from Karachi to Kotri which was made about in 19 century. They offer jobs almost every year, by giving ad with an application form. You can find new job with each and every single detail mentioned there.All information including age, qualification,experience is mentioned against that very job vacancy. You can search these ads on their website you can check all latest updates there. 
You can work there as railway officer, member finance,managing director and on so many other positions,with an amazing sallary ranging from 50,000-150,000.


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