NLC jobs? what are the available positions for applied? 


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Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .

The National Logistics Cell (NLC) is a Pakistani logistics company progressed by the Pakistan Army. The purpose of NLC is to serve nation in crises management and logistics emergence on a short notice for the Pakistan Government. It provide state-emergency level management services to the government, and is one of leading crises management government authority and power in the country.
The vision of NLC job is to Develop NLC into a leading inter modal logistics enterprise of Pakistan with global break integrating select support businesses, and according to the requirement,handle social responsibilities while ensuring continuous growth to remain

For NLC job , available positions has been based on the abilities, talent and strength of employees, who refer to as a member of this field.
Anyone belongs to any field can applied for this job, the entire position is based on the creating a progressive work environment with different culture and multi ethic workplace.
This aim has allowed us to build a society which is dynamic and fast yet employees encourage to share their values towards each other at strategic and corporate level

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