About Frontier Works Organization? What are Jobs Offered BY Frontier Works Organizatio in 2020? From where and how to apply ?

The Frontier Works Organization is a military enginnering organization and one of the major science and technology connands of pakistan army.It was commissioned and established in 1966 the FWO includes  active duty officers and the civilin scientists and engineers .Since its established it has been cerdited with the construction of bridges roads,tunnels nairfields and dams in pakistan on the orders of civilian government of pakistan. The current commander is MAJ-General Kamal azfar its objectives include projects related to civil,construction,combat,and the    structural ,military enginnering,The FWO led and design the construction of karakoram Highway. It builds civil and miltary infrastructure for the government of pakistan and pakistan armed forces.As it has affiliation with pak army so it is a wonderful organization  which offers goverment sector jobs for applicants regularly 

Pakistan frontier Works is a remarkable department and always appoint the eligible dynamic and sharp minded civilians in multiple jobs offered by them  some of jobs includes Gerneral Manager,General Manager(Administraion and logistics)HR Manager,Project Manager,Construction Manager,Project Monitering and evaluation Manager,Administration Manager,Claims Manager,Senior Planning engineer,Quality Surveyor,Contract engineer,Deptuy contract enginner,Deptuy Contract Manager ,Deptuy manager logestics ,Supply chain Manager,Material ,Plant,and Equipment Manager,Document control Officer                                                           Eligibilty criteria includes that the student must in include master,bacholer ,degree in enginnering or relevent disciplines,expericened persons are mostly preferred,age limits changes with the post demand                               The candidates can apply online at www.fwo.com.pk information about employment rules and monthly salary are usally provided during the interview. All of the jobs are usally announced in social media, and the newspaper if you miss it online so guys apply know for jobs and get your future brighten with the blessing of serving the nation in a remarkable department.




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