About Sindh Government? What are Jobs Offered BY Sindh government in 2020? From where and how to apply ?

The Government of Sindh  is the proviincal government of the provience sindh ,Pakistan Its powers and structure are set out in the provisions of the 1973 constitutions in which 29 districts come under its authority and jurisdiction The government includes the cabinet,selected from members the sindh assembly,and the non political civil staff with each depatment. The provience is governed by a unicameral legislature with the head of government known as cheif minister the cheif minister invariably the leader of the political party represented in assembly selects member of provincial government and are entitled to remain in office  until it maintain the confidence of the assembly

The head of state of the provience is known as governer and provience administrative head is cheif secretery but governer is head on paper  it is largly a ceremonal position and the main power lie with cheif minister of sindh and cheif secertay of sindh multiple jobs are offered by sindh government with time to time in multiple departments some of the departments and the jobs are listed here the service general  administration and coordination depatment sindh offers post of managing director,federal insurance muthashib secretarir karachi offers  office assistant ,advisor,consultant,naib qasid,sindh health care commission offers procurement and logestic manager,complaints assistant job,government universities including every field such as jinnah medical university require teaching staff offers multiple jobs,sindh irrigation department offers procurement specilists job,agriculture and price department sindh require 17 crop repoters agriculture depatment sindh offers 53 plus jobs including multiple fields and many more government jobs are either advertised in social media or newspapers or you can simply visit the sindh government website www.spsc.gov.pk

Each month the sindh government announces job vacciences throgh conslidated ads published in print media and through its offical website meionted above  eligible candidates can apply online once they meet eligibilty crieteria which changes with the change in basic scale of offered job the government also conduct interviews for various jobs .so by providing jobs especially to youth sindh goverment plays a key role in developing countries ecnomic power and ending the poverty so sindh goverment is doing its job effectivly so go and avail jobs offerd by sindh government and brighten the future of yourself and serve the nation. 


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