How motorway police is participating in the country progress?

NHA( National Highways Authority) & Motorway Police (Urdu: قومی شاہراہ اور موٹروے پولیس‎), is abbreviated as NH&MP, is a police force in Pakistan that is responsible and answerable for the enforcement of traffic and safety laws, security and recovery on Pakistan's motorways network. NH & MP use SUVs, cars and heavy vehicles  for patrolling purposes and they used the speed cameras for the enforcement of speed limits.

National Highways and Motorway Police NH&MP, offers higher sallery such  the Chief of Police shall be from 03/01/2019-02/29/2020 – $180,000
Considering the ever increasing demand of new ways and route because of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the National Highway Authority (NHA) and Motorway Police (MP) are said to be provided with modern means of communication,equipments and facilities. So they are actively participating in the progress of the country and the senior superident of the project said that NH&MP is the most active department in the country. 



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