About olx? What are Jobs Offered BY olx in 2020? From where and how to apply ?

OLX group is a global online marketplace its head quater is in AMSTERDAM the kingdom of netherland and owned by south african media and technology group naspers founded in 2006 and operating in 45 countries total number of offical employes are 4000 martin scheepbhower is the CEO 

Olx marketplace is a platform for buying and selling services such as electronics ,fashions,items furniture household goods cars and bikes  it has about 11 billion page views and  200 million monthly active users and 25million listings  and 8.5 million transactions per month 

South african media group naspers aquired a majority of olx and 95% of the company olx services provided by pakistan is also outstanding it also provides outstanding servics and platform for online buying and selling of services and goods. it also provides online classified ads for jobs offered by public and private sector.   olx also provides  multiple job oppurtunites when vaccent know latest jobs in 2020 are offered by olx to fulfill the positions vacant following are the jobs offered by olx in pakistan 

  1. Customer Service Agent
  2. Front end engineer
  3. Intellegence analyst
  4. Marketing specialist 

You can apply online through WWW,olx.group.pk to avail the job so it is a good platform to increase marketing and facalitae buying and selling proccess and also jobs oppurunites espesically for youth which is helpful in decreasing joblessness in pakistion so go apply for jobs in olx and also  get help from the ads provided by olx about jobs 



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