About PAEC? What are Jobs Offered BY PAEC in 2020? From where and how to apply ?

The pakistan atomic energy commission was formed in 1956 it is an independent authorty organization that comes under the authorties of prime minister of pakistan its headquarter is in islamabad The PAEC has many responsibilities one of them is to produce electricity through its civil nuclear energy problems it already has three plants in pakistan the other puurpose of this organization is to use civilians nuclear energy in medicinine and in the treatment of cancer patient through therapy. the PAEC owns and operates nuclear reactors in pakistan and overseas a number of research instituties. in 1956 atomic energy research council was established consisting of governing board and the PAEC which focuses on peceful use nuclear energy the PAEC was tasked by president ZA BHUTTO  in 1972 to produce nuclear weapon in five years   then PAEC chairmai MUNIR AHMED  inaugurated first civilian nuclear power reactor KARACHI NUCLEAR POWER PLANT . In spring 1976 a PAEC group survyed the chagi hills region and selected a a site at the RAS koh mountain for futyre nuclear testing These tests were conducted under PAEC in may 1998 In 2000 pakistan national security council established NCA to make all major decision regarding nuclear policy procurement and use the PNRA  and NCA  created NDC  in which they reverted back focusing on the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

The PAEC internship program is a new great way for people who wants experience in industry this program is for both graduates and undergraduates and peoples can apply from pakistan. if you are looking for jobs in PAEC than a great opportunity awaits you in the form of vaccincies and it is a well known instititute in pakistan that provides more in terms of salary to its employes as compared to other federal acadamics  the institutie provides job oppurtunites in area that are around its head quarter and the jobs mostly announced by the government on various newspapers and websites following are the avalible job positions these include

  1. Technican
  2. Driver
  3. Data entry operater
  4. Assistant manager
  5. Scientist
  6. Enginners 
  7. Pharmasict
  8. Doctor
  9. Radilogist
  10. Oncologist
  11. Account officer
  12. Computer operator
  13. Carpenter

Jobs are announced by the HR department through media or testing agencies for fresher and professionals in various categories you can also access current jobs at www.paec.gov.pk 



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