Motu Patlu Cartoon

How many seasons of Motu Patlu Cartoon are there? How many episodes of Motu Patlu Cartoon are there?


In Motu Patlu Cartoon, Motu and Patlu are best friends living in Furfuri Nagar. They always fall into trouble because of Motu’s clumsy actions. They eventually get rid of the trouble with the help of their friends. Motu Patlu Cartoon is full of animation, comedy, humor, action, sitcom, farce and slapstick.

The first episode of Motu Patlu Cartoon was released on October 16, 2012. Now it becomes the world’s best TV show having 63% of users who love this series of Motu Patlu Cartoon.  Youngsters and old people along with children love Motu Patlu Cartoon. This is the reason that it is translated in Urdu, English, and Tamil as well as in Hindi.

Number of seasons: 04

Number of episodes: 262



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