About cartoons?Top ten most seen hindi cartoons?Does hindi cartoons are source of entertainment for childrens?

A cartoon is a type of illustraion possibly animated typically in non realistic or semi realistic style. The specific meaning has evolved over time but the modern usage refers to the image,or series of images intended for a motion picture that relies on the sequence of illustration for the animation someone who creates cartoons in the first sense is a CARTOONIST and in the second sense they are usally called animators. The concept originated in the middle ages and first described a prepartory drawing for a piece of art such as painting fresco tapestry or stained glass window.In the 19th century beginning in PUNCH magazines in 1843  cartoon came to refer ironicaaly at first to humerous illustration in magazines and newspapers. In 20th century it began to refer to animated films with resembled print media.                                                                                                               

Everyones childhood has been through watching various animated hindi cartoons on television especially in subontient the hindi cartoons now a days kids use developed technolgy such as smart phones and watch cartoons on youtube and other social mediasites so many of the websites are made for cartoon watching especially hindi  so dear viewers let us give you the list of top 10 most watched hindi cartoons

  1. The jungle book
  2. Roll no 21
  3. Chot Bheem
  4. Adventure of Tenali Raman
  5. Krishna Aur balram
  6. Mighty Raju
  7. Motu Patlu
  8. Ninja Hatori
  9. HageMaru
  10. DoreMon

All of these cartoons are watched and loved by the childerns and they can watch it on multiple television channals such as cartoon network hindi,nickolodien,and can also watch on multiple social media sites such as youtube you can watch latest episodes on youtube by subscribing the link www.youtube.com\wbkids  or http\\www.wnkidsgo.com




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