How Jan cartoons serves as the best entertainment medium for the childrens?

Jan cartoons are written in both urdu and Hindi script.childrens and even the Elders are 
Keen to watch these cartoons because,  every episode includes the moral story, so kids learn good bents and manners from the story. Jan cartoons put very pleasent impact on children. All the available episodes of Jan cartoon are the example of the good work of the production team. 

 Main characters of Jan Cartoons:
Jan (main character)
Maryam ( Jan's Sister)
Murad Bhai (Jan's Brother)
Mama (Jan's Mother)
Baba (Jan's Father)
Dadi Amma (Jan's Grander mother)

Jan cartoons furnish education with fun. It gives our childrens lesson sideways with the entertainment. It bestow today generation with all the society rules and manners. And tells how to deal with the elders and younger once, hence it leaves behind the positive impact on the new generation. 


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