What is ASF? Where is the ASF headquarters? Top 10 jobs offered by ASF?

ASF stands for airport security force.ASF is responsible for airport security, airplanes(in air or on-ground)security.ASF established in 1976. After the hijacking in March 1981, the ASF was separated from the directoriot of the department of civil aviation and now under the control of the Aviation Secratory Of Pakistan. It also now part of the Aviation division.

Training centers:

 headquarters Karachi

Islamabad, Lahore Quetta, Multan, Peshawar


Both male and female can apply


  1. DG ASF
  2.  Corporal 
  3. Assistant Sub Inspector 
  4. Inspector 
  5. Assistant Director 
  6. Director of Marketing
  7. Software developer
  8. HUMAN Resource Assistant
  9. Project manager
  10. Data Entry Operator


  • ASF Foundation
  • ASF Medical Centres
  • ASF Schools and Colleges
  • ASF Security Private Limited
  • ASF Land and Housing
  • Security Training Wing
  • Security Surveys and Audits Wing
  • ASF Community Centres
  • IT Services

Challenges in ASF jobs:

  • Asymmetric warfare.
  • Greater terrorist capabilities.
  • Increasing criminal activities.
  • Technological Changes.
  • System vulnerabilities
  • Congestion of meters/greeters

Official website:


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