A detailed note on the characters of the Veer the Robotboy.

Vir. Vir is a biped robot create by the doctor Prem Sahai. He acquired human-like characteristics and has robot gadgets. Vir is often careless, kind and brilliant, always engaged in helping others. His friends are Gintu,his magical jinn ,his pet donkey,chulbul and his best friend, Imli, who is her crush.The one that is against him is Mad Max, a devil scientist who wants to captivate him, make copies of him and wants to have his crown over the world by the help of the duplicates,but Veer balks his plans every time, thus making the world safe. He has the private identity,that is only known by the Dada jii and his close friends . He is the superhero of Fursatganj, known as the Roboboy.

Imli: Imli is the Veer's best friends. She is highly brave, impressive,and is always ready to help the people might fall in difficulty. She is also very sensitive of Veer, and often walks in to free him from one of Mad Max's attempts to capture Veer. Thats why she has a crush on Veer. She has hatred feelings for Bunty and his friends, Heki Peki. Imli friend circle is formed from Chulbul, Gintu and Vir.

Gintu: Gintu is also one of the Veer's friends and is a entranced jinn. He is a blubbery boy who is fond of eating all the time and often does mistakes in his careless attitude. He dearth any intelligence and is very lazy, however,always ready to helps his friends. Whenever he gets any injury at his head, he mislay his memory. Veer also sometimes mislay his temper when Gintu does something vacuous. His friends are Chulbul, Veer and Imli.

Chulbul:Chulbul is also one of the friends of Veer who is a donkey. He always escort Veer to where he goes and also gets into miseries with him. He is fond of eating carrots. He sometimes thinks greatly about himself but is always useless. He is always there to help his friends whenever he find them in difficulty. His friends are Imli, Veer and Gintu.

Principal Sir: Principal Sir is the headmaster of Veer's school. He is a humble man who always wants the best for his students. Although in the start ha to thought nothing of Veer, he started to consider him after the many times Veer help to keep the school safe from the enemies and therefore Veer is the best consider student in the whole school.

Mad Max. Mad Max is the adverse character of the series. He is a crazy scientist who wants his crown over the world. He wants to capture Veer and wants to make copies of him, and then destroy him. Veer balks his plans every time.  

 Dadaji:Dadajii is a scientist who created Veer so he could serve the world and its people by saving them from the evils. Dadaji is a very humble person, and loves and feels for Veer very much. Dadaji's enemy is also Mad Max,the evil person. 


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