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Who is Shiva in Shiva cartoon?


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Who is Shiva in Shiva cartoon?

Shiva is a little boy who always helps to eradicate the evils in society and helps the police to arrest thieves. He is not just a little boy but smart, handsome, intelligent, kind and a brave boy. Shiva cartoon contains thrill, suspense, friendship, motivation, and determination. Shiva cartoon is the best cartoon series in the world. Shiva cartoon promotes the thought that children can also save a society from all sorts of evils if they work in a gang/group.
Friends of Shiva help him to fight against evil. They all want to save the citizens of their Vedas City. Shiva loves his watch very much because his watch gives him powers to fight against enemies. He set up the programming of his bicycle in a way that he can control his bicycle via remote, it can fly, and its speed can be changed. Shiva can do boxing very nicely. He is a child but has a strong body that helps him to fight and defeat robbers. Children love the jumping of Shiva.
In Shiva cartoon, Shiva finds the solution for every problem even it is not solved by Mr. Laddu Singh. Every enemy of Shiva is afraid of Shiva. In start, people take him easy and considered him a small kid but after beated by Shiva, they will come to know that he is not a common child but Shiva. Shiva beat the most dangerous Black Gangster even which is not beated by Mr. Laddu Singh. Shiva beat those evil people who fear children and want to be in power on school. Shiva teaches children if they see anything wrong happening in the society, they should pick up the cellphone and call police or army.

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