About motu patlu cartoons?what are the major characters in motu patlu cartoons?Does motu patlu cartoons are source of entertainment for children?

MOTU PATLU is an indian animated sitcom television series written by NIRAJ VIKRAM for NICKOLODEON the series is produced by COSMOS MAYA  it is adapted from the classic conic strip on LOTPOT. It was premiered on 16OCTOBER 2012 beginning with the episode JON BANEGA DON It focuses on two friends MOTU AND PATLU living in fictional city FURFURI NAGAR. The director of this show is SANDESH SHANDIYA . The producers are DEEPA SAHI and ANISH JS METHA.The theme of the song MOTU PATLU KI JODI is sung by SUKHWINDER SINGH .It is the most popular shows all over the world .it has recived mostly postive reviews with praise for vocal performance and animation .


  1. MOTU

​​​​​​​MOTU is a piumb man who serves one of the shows central protogonists he likes to eat SAMOSAS which provide him super power he basically act as a gardener motu,s best friend is patlu he often lands in trouble becuase of his actions but his super powers help him to get out of trouble after eating samosas But he is good natured man he wants to help peoples  he wears a red tunic with a navy blue vest,yellow pajamas and shoes his talking looks influenced by the DARA SINGH when he eats samosas he gets extra energy like chota bheem and can defeat anyone in the world 


Patlu is a slim man who serves as a show central protagonists he is often portryed as the smartest guy in the city  he often gets into trouble along with motu but he manages to help himself and motu when they land in trouble  he dislikes samoss but loves to read newspapers  it is also belived that his grandfather was a boxering champion and had a recipe for procuring extraordinary strength which is later discovered by motu he wear a yellow tunic with orange leggings brown framed glasses and brown shoes


He is an encentric scientist  his inventions are usally very impressive but are of little use to towns people infact more times than not they end up landing somewere in trouble  sometime he tesys his gadgets on motu and patlu without telling them any thing and they get into problems later he creates an antidor and they make use of it to become normal like before he often gets beaten by motu and patlu for this.h has made a flying car which usally help them to came out of trouble


He has a 20yers of experience in every field but only few of the experiences is useful to any one and mostly lands motu and patlu in trouble however motu and patlu do call him for help in certain cases ghasitaram helps dr jhatka wit experiments and coaxing motu and patlu to test DR jhatkha.s inventions


He is a police inspector he belives that no criminal can escape from his capture  however chingum manages to catch criminals by luck or with the help of motu and patlu  he takes pride in the fact that no criminal can escape from him and when he fires from his gun coconuts come up and falls on its head and he fells down  he drives green motorbike and some time jeep  he is some times helped by to constabales hera and phari .



man who has a tea shop near motu house he makes motu samoas and patlu favourite tea in the city motu steals the samosa from his shop and often not give money motu gets power from samoas after that he shows aggresssion and can beat anyone  motu sometimes get beaten for not giving money 


A  john serves as main antagonist of the show john ambition is to become a don but his always fail very badly and thus end in getting arrested  he writes short poems contrary to normal theif  he is not afraid of chingum but more afraid from motu and patlu because due to them his plan fail and he got caught number 1 and number2v serve as helping persons for john they likes john poems and number one has great idea to trap motu patlu but number  hardly speaks


Motu ns neighbour who wears red boxes and gloves white tank top and red pent with yellow strips he is an aggressive person and has a teacher MR. thakur whom classes he used to attend he always want to help others but got angry and beat them he got a yellow which get destroyed by motu patlu often in he beat them 

  • Motu patlu is an intersesting series which bring joy and happineds along with thrill a great source of entertaiment so you can easily watch it on social media and all episodes on youtube simply searching motu patly.


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