Abdul Bari, The Informative Moral Cartoons

Abdul bari cartoon is the animated cartoon series founded byTabrez Alamgir Shaikh, is the founder and visionary of Moral Vision. During his childhood he saw many up and down which gave him a alot of experience and that converted his passion for humanitarian work. He wanted to do something for the society and humanity, and the need of the hour was to give an ethical alternate to the children and youth. He started taking tuitions for a living and with the help of few of his students he started making some videos, converted these to compact disks and did private circulations and subscriptions. People appreciated his work but it was not helping him. With in few years of struggle abd help of internet he got global viewers and some fame for his works. Online platforms, social media, online promotions and ad revenues gradually made Moral Vision works self sustainable.

Abdul Bari cartoons got more popularity on youtube, monthly 4-5 videos are uploaded. Abdul bari is major character of the series who always show love to others and give moral lessons to everyone. His freinds are also helping him and when they saw someone doing wrong they went to them and give the lesson about doing right things in life. In abdul bari cartoons there are many episodes related to Islam. In which they tell the importance of Namaz, Roza, Zakat, Hajj, sadqa and tell us alot about our Islam. Abdul abri also tell us about importace of environment and we have to do care about our surrounding by palnting and keep it clean.

You can watch all the episodes on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpITdHWi-M3rVKX4L2TP0AQ/videos


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