Cast and production of the Car toons.

Cars Toons is an American short animated series  produced by Pixar. It explores the main characters Lightning McQueen and Mater from Pixar's Cars  showroom. There is a cable guy known as Larry dublicates his act as Mater while Keith Ferguson take place  Owen Wilson as the speaker of the lightning McQueen.

The series initialized on  27 October, 2008 on both Toon Disney & Disney Channel  and ABC Family. Not unshared on television, the shorts and small episodes were also released at the home level and as theatrical shorts. The series ended its journey on 20 May, 2014 with episode named as The Radiator Springs 500 ½  serve as the final short.

Some of the characters name are as follows:
Larry the Cable Guy
Lightning McQueen
Keith Ferguson

The Country of origin is United States.


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