How Motu Patlu cartoons give us lesson?

Motu patlu is an animated series written by Niraj Vikram. It was created by Harvind Makkad. The director of motu patlu is Suhas Kadav. The voices of cartoons are Sauurav Chaakraborty, Omi Sharmaa, Sankalp,Brian D. Costa,Raja and Renu Sharad.

Motu and Patlu are two bestfreinds and both are major character of the series. As from the name, we can imagine the look of both, one is healthy and fat, second one is week and thin. Motu always looking for the samosa and mostly looking to eat samosa without paying.

Characters of the Series:

MOTU likes to eat samosa which provide him extra power. He wanted to remain with his freind Patlu and help him to slove out all the problems. He is good man. he wants to help peoples. 

Patlu is a thin man. He is the most intelligent boy in the city. Whenever they get into the trouble, he always give a great idea to get rid of that problem. Motu always with him and they both help eachother. He likes to read newspaper.

DR. JHATKA is an encentric scientist.  On daily basis he try to do invention and mostly time invention failed. He always used to test his gadgets by Motu Oatlu experience, 

CHINGUM is a police inspector. He wanted his society a crimefree society. He is lucky one to have Motu Patlu in society and thats why no criminal escape from them. Most of the time he got injured and Motu Patlu help him.

 JOHN is a thief and wanted to become a don. He has two bodyguards. He always try to trape the Motu Patlu so he can easily do the robbery but always failed.




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