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Cartoons are most entertainment things to watch for the Kids. Kids always try to search for the new cartoons. Sometime their parents are not free so kids themselves try to find cartoons but mostly time failed and then they entertain through already watch episodes. 

Today, everyone try to develop those things that can give them earning globally, so most of graphic desighner try to make animated cartoons and we can found that daily some new cartoons are coming. Here are the list fot the lastest cartoons:

  1. Big Blue
  2. Doomsday Brothers
  3. Angry Birds
  4. Super Bheem
  5. Oggy, Oggy
  6. Baby Shark
  7. The Chicken Squad
  8. Fairy Tales
  9. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur
  10. Chacha Bhateja
  11. Babloo Dabloo
  12. VIR
  13. Gajuu Bhai
  14. The Spongebob
  15. The Adventures of Tenali Raman

There are alot of new series of old cartoons such as Chota bheem, Motu Patlu, Oggy and the cockrocoaches, Dragontails, Pink Panther and many more. Enjoy all the series.


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