Theme and the story of Chacha Bhatija cartoons.

Chacha Bhatija is an Indian cartoon series of that was voicing  on Hungama TV. the reflects the pair of Uncle-Nephew known as Chacha and Bhatija, living honourably, in the fantasy land named as Funtoosh Nagar.While Chacha is the humour and strength of the gang,Bhatija is the mindset of the gang.
The uncle-nephew couple, Chacha Bhatija, are well known in Fantoosh nagar for their skills which they made to solve the issues.Together, they can find the solution of any mishap, problem and issue with their eerie skill set.
First episode date: October 24, 2016

The Language in which the serial is composed of is Hindi.

The Genre is Animation.

The Production company is Cosmos Entertainment Pt.Ltd.

The main cast is Anil Datt and Swapnil Kumari.



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