Story of Rudra cartoon

Rudra aslo known by Rudra: Boom Chik Chik Boom is an Indian animated television series. It is produced by Green Gold Animation for nick. It was premiered on  11 June 2018 on television. This series was launched in 8 languages. 

This is the story about a 9-year-old boy who's name is Rudra who is learning how to use the true powers. He lives in the Magical city of Sun City with his grandfather. The story of this series revolved around the Rudra who learns new magic tricks from this grandfather every day. He uses these tricks against the evil magician Shakaal and his fawners who make troubles in the city and stop Rudra from using his true powers. 

The theme song of Rudra is written by GULZAR, compose by Simaab Sen and sung by Arhaan Hussain 



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