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Who is Spiderman in Spiderman cartoon? How he works and what is his role in Spiderman cartoon?


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Who is Spiderman in Spiderman cartoon? How he works and what is his role in Spiderman cartoon?

Spiderman is a powerful and brave hero. His real name is “Peter”. His blue and red costume looks nice on his body. His dress is very nice and tight. He is a very handsome, nice, brave, and strong hero. He can fly in the air and can jump. Sometimes, there are two spidermen in Spiderman cartoon, and others are confused, which is the real spiderman or both are the real. Spiderman travels in time travelling, and when his duplicate is on somewhere else in the world, he makes both duplicates near to each other. He is joking as doing his mission just like the other heroes. He can not finish his mission seriously (without making jokes).
There are several enemies of Spiderman who want to pull him out from this world. One of his enemies is Cobin who is expert to hide. That is the reason Cobin never dies in the Spiderman cartoon because he cheats and hides so that Spiderman can not see him. But he got defeated by Spiderman every time. Spiderman visits his city in the night so that he can protect his people from rogues who robbed and tease weak people of the city.
In Spiderman cartoon, he looks very awesome and handsome without costumes. But he also looks like an amazing guy in costumes. He doesn’t care about his aunt when is on the mission. Spiderman is funny somehow. Once his fight was with firefox who thought himself very clever. But Spiderman uses his brain and make him stand on a wooden bridge. Due to his fire, the bridge broke down into pieces and he fell into the river. :D
Spiderman always fights for the good, and it is the fact that goodness always dominant over evils. He never misuses of his spider powers. There is a spider on the chest of Spiderman that is an alarm bell and rings when he is in danger. It alerts him about the danger. In Spiderman cartoon, he also becomes the ultimate hero just like the Ben 10 in Ben cartoon. Harry Osborn is his true friend who is very loving to him.
This is all about the secrets of a schoolboy named Peter.

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