Doraemon cartoon

Who is Doraemon? What is the Doraemon cartoon end? Is Doraemon left the nobita?

Doraemon cartoon is a Japanese manga animated and comic series for all viewers including children, youngsters and old people. The main characters of this cartoon series are Doraemon, nobita, Shizuka, Gian, and Suneo. These all are best friends and do many adventures together. Doraemon has a pouch in which it stores all unexpected gadgets. Through Doraemon gadgets nobita solved all their problems related to studies, relations for adventure and many more.doremon is a cat robot who comes from 22 century to help the child who is poor in studies and also to secure the future of his grandson,sewashi nobi.

Writer: Fujiko fujio
Published by:shugakukan
Video games:63-only Japanese video games
Total episodes:1787
languages: Japanese, Hindi, Bengali, Korean, Urdu, Chinese, Thai and many more

What lesson you got after watching this series:
1)Nobita has a Doraemon who helps him in every problem. But this is not happening in real life you must do hard work to achieve your goals in real life.
2)Doraemon is a very friendly and intelligent robotic cat. In real life, people look at other's bad habits but when you studied about Doraemon life you start looking at other good points and better relationships.

Is Doraemon left nobita at the end?
 Doraemon is a robot that does work on battery. One day when nobita comes back Doraemon lies on the floor and doesn't move. Doremi asked nobita that it start working again when the battery is charged and that problem only solved by future technology and the future time machine is ceased.
nobita start hardworking and become a robotic technician. He later successfully regenerate Doraemon in the future.
Doraemon ceased the travel time so that nobita built technology and become successful in life. 


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