About Jeeto Pkistian a game show?What are the segments in jeeto Pakistion?How to participate in Jeeto Pakistan from where and who to register yourself in jeeto pakistan?

Jeeto Pakistan is a pakistani game show hosted by the actor fahad mustafa on ARY DIGITAL this was launched on 18MAY2014. It has been called the biggest game show of pakistan and the pakistan,s participants are selected randomly fram a studio audience who require passes to attend the show  this show is divided into serveral segments each one offering contrestants prizes in return for acheving a set of challenges or game tasks given by the host the prizes offerd ranges from cars,motorbikes to gold ,cas ,vacation packages and household items the show  is is sponsered by the advertisers and commerical brands.jeeto pakistan is occasionally broadcasted from other cities with some shows having been held in lahore islamabad,faislabad and dubai,karachi also the show has so far distributed millions of gifts to the people living up to its tagline SAB LAY JAO 


There are various segments in jeeto pakistan to entertain the audience some of them are listed below

  •  Handi Charhao Inam Pakao

In this segment the participants have to impress the audiene with their cooking skills the participant reciving maximum audience appriciation well get the best prize

  •  Jeet Kay Dikhao

This includes many games for audience to be played so it is also a source of entertainment in a busy life


This is a sort of a quiz seesion where the host asks quick questions from the audience and give reward upon correct answer

  • Khul Gai Kismat                                                                                                                           This is actually a test of fate where fahad mustafa asks the audience about random items if you have it and own it
  • DIL WALAY INAM LAIJANGAY                                                                                                    This segment is especially designed for newly wed couples who play games and win the prizes
  • CAR BACHAO GHAR LY JAO                                                                                                     This is the most popular segment of the show with correct answer to different questions the participant can get a car in reward
  • SAHULAT BAZAR                                                                                                                      In this segment special vouchers are distributed randomly among audiences and lucky draw winners
  • BAAT BANTI HAI                                                                                                                       This is most popular segment of the show where a participant can win gold by simply guessing its amount in each box present in front of them
  • CELEBRITY GUEST                                                                                                                    Celebrity guests are invited to show to add extra flavour and entertaiment the guests also engage with audience and play games with them                                                                                  
  • FAKHR-E-PAKISTAN                                                                                                                   The pride of nation are invited in this segment to honour them and provide inspiration to other people,s as well                                                                                                
  • NANHY USTAD                                                                                                                             The segment is dedicated to childerns where they show there talent and win gifts
  • ABHI TO MEIN JAWAAN HOON                                                                                                  Unlike the naame this segment is for the eldery couples who can simply win prizes by amusing the audience by showing love to their parents

if you like these segments and want to participate than for the ease of people the detail and the registration proccess are meinoted below

  • REGISTRAION PROCCESS                                                                                                        People can register them self for the show either by telephone or the other channels keep in mind that no gift send to home and no message about gift send by anyone you can simply get gift by participating in show so beware of lame proccedure which can cost you in return
  • BY TELEPHONE                                                                                                                         By telphone you can register yourself by simply calling on number 111-279-111 and number other than this is not real beware of robbers and dont share your information with them 
  • BY WEBSITE                                                                                                                             To register for jeeto pakistan online follow these simple steps
  • Log on to http\\www.arydigital.tv\registration\
  • In program option select jeeto pakistan enter the number of guests and their cnic number address,email id and provience in the options given  click submit it will be completed
  • TERMS AND CONDITIONS                                                                                                         While registring to participate in the show keep in mind some of the terms and conditions
  • The management is autherized to approve participation in the show the management has the right to cancel the entry of any participant in the show  partakers are eligible to participate with families in jeeto pakistan  incomplete information of any participant will result in possible canncellation of entry                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


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