All about Punjab Food Authority.

The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) is the well known agency of the punjab provincial Government in Pakistan. It restrain food safety and aseptic conditions in the Province. It was made under the action taken by Punjab Food Authority in 2011. The PFA is the first division of its sort in Pakistan.The execution of food hygiene and quality ideals as depict by the action taken by the Punjab Food Authority in 2011 and by the Pure Food Rules  in 2011.

The Director of the Punjab Food Authority is Ayesha Mumtaz in about October, 2015.In October 2016, Ayesha Mumtaz sent on leave from her post by her own request due to some affirmation against her driver which are not yet validate . She poply said she  want the leave to go for her parents who needed her for their medical treatment. The current  director of Pakistan Food Authority is Irfan Nawaz Memon.


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