What are the responsibility as an employee in Punjab food Authority?rules and responsibilties of PFA.

The Punjab Food Authority Act that was signed in 2011, assigns the following tasks and responsibilities to the organization or the person who is working as an employee or looking for a job will in future act upon all these if He/she serves PFA:

Punjab Food Authority constrain,cover and watch the food business in order to assure deference by formers, , distributors,producers, exporters,importers and other stake holders in orders to promote safe food.

Articulate ideals, processes, procedures and tips in accordance with any angle of food including food labeling, food business, food additive, and prescribe suitable enforcement systems.

Execution of  quality standards and food safety.

Specify techniques and guidelines for   up-gradation and setting up of food labs.

Specify prohibition orders, , licensing notice ,recall procedures and prosecution in the court of rules and law.

Provides with technological advice and technical back to the Government in daily matters corresponding to food safety.

Establishment of the food labs. 

Arrange training programmes for the awareness with food safety and standards.

Upgrade public intention regarding food safety,standards and Ideals.

Bona fide food products and items for export.

All round in the region tracking of food items.

Charge including  integration,collection, interpretation,analysis and spreading of data related to food and nutrients input.


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