Jobs And Progress For Pakistanis

About jobs and prgress for Pakistanis?


·         Get Real:

Taking on new challenges can be thrilling but it also means adding more responsibilities. When choosing a development task, be realistic. Your goal is to weave in new experiences, while you maintain your current role and commitments .These strategies will help you balance new assignments with your existing work.

In Pakistan, the unemployment rate is very high and the major reason is the wastage of resources on the large scale. It results in the decrease in the income of people. As a result people of living standard is low .the unemployment problem in Pakistan is increasing rapidly and due to this, many crimes are taking place. My opinion In Pakistan the main reason is the poor education system. And also corruption in institutions


Pakistan Tahreek-e-insaf took main steps for the educated students. Government launches some IT software’s like Sap, fashion designing, Digital marketing, for the purpose of strong economy and reduces unemployment. Students can get admissions easily .After done these courses students can get job easily. These are skilled and professional software’s. Government get done these courses free of cost. The vision of Imran khan is to move and finish unemployment from Pakistan.

·         Lack Of Industries

Another big problem of unemployment is lack of industries .Already existing industries are closed due to shortage of capital and unlimited taxes. Many Peoples are unemployed due to shutdown of industries. When industries and organizations running economy of country will be stable and constant investors make much interest and also invest.


      Planning: planning is the most important step of every business. Planning is the backbone of every business .Government should plan for jobs Government give more budget to institutions and organizations.

      Government as well as Private sectors Produce more ways of jobs and utilize resources and make the opportunities.


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