About AIOU Admission confirmaion?How and from where to confirm your admission in AIOU?

Allama iqbal open university one of the well known educational department has annouced that all students of the university can check and cofirm there admission in the desired courses via aiou admission confirmation tool in which they had taken admission as they had also updated the admission confirmation detail for spring2020 but despite of the fact still alot of students have trouble in tracking their admission confirmation section on the offical website 

There are many problems effecting admission confirmation in this review we take and analyze three students data with different kinds of problems in admission confirmation. first one  who submitted his fees late the second one  who submitted their fees one time but admission not confirmed and the third one who submitted there fees and clear there objection but he was still waiting for his books before anything else first we will tell you how to check for aiou admission confirmation there is only one link to confirm your admission at aiou univeristy for all type of courses which is  http\\www.aiou.edu.pk\Admission.asp by clicking on this link this link you will get to a point where you have select a program and write your challan number ,roll no,name,and you will see your admission confirmation in a dialog box.

If you see that admission is not confirmed  it might be due to cases that i have explained above as if you have submitted your fees before due date but admission not confirmed?Then in this case before visting university you had to check ypour admission objection section on following link http\adms.aiou.edu.pk\objections\search.php

once  you open the page yoy have to write your courde detail and challan ,roll no,Now if you found objection here just print the form and sort your issues,after clearing that problem send this form to the address written on the paper along with orginal bank recipient that you already printed out from aiou admission objections section if your fees were late than only callthis provided by aiou (051 111 112 468) and select student advisory on the call brefily describe your issue to the student care agent  hopefully after this you can easily track your aiou admission confirmation, 



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