About AIOU Admission objections?What type of objection can occur?How to solve them and confirm admission?

Allama Iqbal university is the only university of pakistan which offers online degree programs and online  accredited collage courses for students throughout the country but some times due to personal faluts are sometime managemental issue due to objections on admission occur and admission not confirmed so here is a guideline how to check and remove objections.

Sometimes you submit your admission form and make a mistake in filling the forn for example you have written your name ,addreess,telphone number wrong or not attested your document,or attached you document,you have submmitted less fees than demand,you have not submmited your fees with in due date,all of these things comes in objection and your admission will not be confirmed  then to check admission status first visit the offical website http//www.aiou.edu.pk and go to admission objection form and open it,then you enter smester year in the smester box,then select your program,then admission form number,student name,roll no,and if you are fresh student then enter form number or challan number or name  and if you are continous student and your admission have been entered  then you enter your roll no in desired box.

If you enter fake information no record will be found then if you enter your name you can see your objection if present then open you named line and open it and your objection detail will be present you can see it for example if you have objecton that the orginal fees is 1900 and you have submitted 1700 ruppees this letter will be sent to the student but sometime post cannot reach you then  get this objections print from internet  and pay your fees in the bank and  attach univeristy copy of the challan with this and send to the address admission department ,block number 4 Allama Iqbal open University ,islamabad  any objection ,documen problem,picture problem ,you do same proccedurte then another and most important thing to be noted is an OBJECTION ID 

You can track objection by OBJECTION ID online  so if an objection is occured then you can remove it by following the proccedure menoited above and get your admission confirmed this is used for all programe hopeso you can understand it and can easily remove objection.


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