What is Criteria of ISSB? How we can check the Result of ISSB Test?

ISSB basically stand for Inter Services Selection Board. ISSB is a test that must have to clear by candidate who want to join forces as officier. This is a procedure of 4 or 5 days in which you are tested psychology, physically and mentally.

Candidates those pass the test qualify for the final medical and selection for the Pakistan Military Academy, Pakistan Naval Academy and Pakistan Air Force Academy.

For the ISSB you must have to clear the initial test of Army, PAF and Navy. Common Initial tests are Long Course, Short Course, GDP, PN Cadets, SSC, DSSC and many more.

When you clear the Initial test, you have to wait for minimum 40days to recieve your call letter for ISSB that will held in any on 4 centers. ISSB centers are in Kohat, Gujrawala, Quetta and Karachi.

Lets talk about what happen in those  days. Start with arrival day, On arrival day your chest numbers are alloted after that your room also alloted. Than after the lunch you're asked to arrived at Johar Hall or Nishrat Hall for the bio data form filling. 

Bio Data form are so simple you have to enter the data about your self, family, family background, Education and Earnings of your home. There are basically three forms. Two of them are Form A those are same and one is form B.

It require hardly 2 hours to complete. Than you're asked to return to your rooms. You are freely to paly indoor games, cafe are theres, TV lawns are there and even you are allowed to smoke at given area. The mess of ISSB is outclass.

On 2nd Day there are all written test in which your psychology is being tested. First you have to complete the incomplete sentences. There are 5 groups of sentences, each contain 26 sentences, 3 groups are from english senteces and 2 are from urdu. After that WAT, WAT stand for Word Association Test, in which you are required to associate 100 words and 1 word will be in 10 sec, after 10sec that next word will come on screen. After that you have to complete the story and picture stories. Each story in 4mints.

3rd Day is known as GTO day, In this day your physcial and mentally fitness is test  and  one of the yout interview will be held. In this day again you're alloted with chest number in form of groups e.g. A,B,U,P etc. After GTO tasks your one interview will be taken if your chest numbers is from 1-12 than yours deputy interview will taken at that day, if your chest number is from 11-22 than your psych interview will be Taken.

GTO task start from Progressive Group task, in which everyone have to participate and work as a team work. In this 3 task are given and must be completed in 40mints. Than there will half group task and youre divided into further groups of 3 or 4 peoples and here GTO tasks of 3rd day will end. After that you're asked to dress up for the Interview.

4th day start with GTO task and this task is known as command task. In this one by one you become commander and have to command on 5 boys that are with you. Than there is Obstacles that contain 44 marks and it is a only task in which you can get more than 44 marks. There are 9 obstacles, you have complete in 2 minutes. After that you have to give the number to all of your group member accordingly to their performance. Than There is Your remaining one interview will be held.

5th day is result day in which all of your GTO, Psychologish and Deputy come together and make decision of your recommendation, if there is requirement of your re interview or re task you are called off for the re task on 5th day, Its all about ISSB days.

In these days, your photo session is there, you can call to your relative on arrival day and GTO day.

In your ISSB batch is in the last of the course days than your result recommendation letters are given by hand on Day 5, otherwise your result will be updated on next day at 12pm on issb.com.pk 



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