Pakistan Military Academy, Where men becomes gentlemen

PMA stand for Pakistan Military Academy. It is located in Kakul, Abbotabad. It was established on October,1947 after Pakistan Independence. PMA gives the best and tough training to the gentlemen cadets. GCs are there for 2years, 1years and 6months. 

Those candidates who join PMA as Long Course after FSc are their for 2 year training, in which they do study as well as toughest training. After succesfully Completing that 2 years GCs become Lieutenant and also provided as Bsc Degree of NUST University.

Those candidates who join PMA as Gradute Course after Graduation are their for 1 year training. After succesfully Completing a year GCs become Captain.

Those candidates who join PMA as TCC, LCC,Short Course and Army Medical Cousre after Graduation are their for 6month training. After succesfully Completing month GCs become Captain.

PMA offer academics course that involves following clubs:

  • Science Club
  • Fine Arts Club
  • Debating Club
  • Music Club
  • Crafts Club
  • Drama Club
  • Camera Club
  • Literary Club
  • Graphics Club

PMA gives more time on your physical fitness rather than your academic progress. Every GC have to complete one mile running in 6minutes and 30seconds. To pass out from the fourth and the final term you have to complete the one mile in 6minutes. And for the Female GCs they have to complete in 10minutes.

Outdoor clubs includes

  • Para Club
  • Gliding Club
  • Angling Club
  • Shikar Club
  • Cycling club
  • Archery Club
  • Hiking Club
  • Riding Club
  • Judo and Karate Club
  • Health and Hygiene Club
  • Frogman Club
  • Rifle Club
  • Swimming Club

PMA training make you strong in 

  • Professional skills of handling weapons
  • Tips of field craft
  • Tutorial discussions
  • Tactical exercises without troops
  • Field exercises
  • Use of signal equipment
  • Model discussions

Now Lets come to the PMA terms system. It inlclude four terms, and in every term there are different exercises and different training

1st term inlcude Saluting Tests and Sang e Bunyad.

2nd term inlcude Yarmook, Path Finding and  every GC have to spend three mints in boxing ring.

3rd term inlcude Assault Course and PT tests.

4th term include Qyadat and all acid tests.

Swimming and Boxing is compulsory for every GCs.

PMA include 4 battalions and 16 companies.

Companies include Qasim, Tariq, Khalid, Salahhuddin, Ghaznavi, Auregzeb, Babar, Tipu, Haider, Saad, Ubaida, Hamza, Akram, Aziz Bhatti, Kernal Sherkhan, Shabbir Sharif.

Yarmmok is the toughest exercise among all in which you which you have to walk for 180km with 25kg extra weight and a gun. You have complete 180km in 4 days and nights and no arrangement for sleping and you also have to make the one night dinner for yourself.

In Every April and October more than 800GCs dreams become true and they passed out. Their family are invited on Passed Out day.

The top GCs are alloted with corps they wanted.

Mostly GCs preferred Armoured or Arterlliary.

The only training you can't do with the help of money. Only the luckiest charm are selected for the PMA.

Our all the Army officier heroes get ttraining from the PMA Kakul. Officiers Include Major Tufail, Major Shabbir Sharif, Major Aziz Bhatti Shaheed, Captain Kernal Sher Khan,  General Musharaf, General Raheel Sharif, General Qamar Jawed Bajwa and many more.

Do your best for ISSB if u want to join the PMA, FSc marks didn,t matter only 60percent are enough to join PMA if u clear ISSB. Best of Luck to All candidates who appear for the ISSB


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