About AIOU Student Profile?What are the benefits of AIOU Student Profile ?What you can see in AIOU Student Profile? Communication with Aiou student profile?Purpose of AIOU student profile portal for Matric\FA\BAB.ed\MA\M.ed

Allama Iqbal university launched a brand new students friendly offical website that gives you complete image of their turturial record and alternative relevant data together with their profile it is for the primary with in the university history that the scholars were being expedited in an exceedingly comprehensive manner giving reply to their commonly asked quieries  missing points of students interests are additional with in the website  this is a measure of univ ersity united efforts to uphold its saying that students are our main assest  and hoping so that the website will be real step forward to the development of a wonderful education system through senseble use of new technology  and now the scholars can get the text messages on their cell phones regarding the confirmation of admission  and registration of the complaints .

The website contained the student profile with there image and history of their previous and current turtuorial record first time the scholars going to develop there profile by visiting the website  and giving required information including email,name,roll no,challan number, etc and sign in by making account then through website you will have access to academic report as well as the AIOU FM RADIO 916 and web tv it conjointly provides online teaching to the scholars of matric level the students of all the educastional programs can have online data regarding their assigned tutor ,study centers,assignments and workshops in addition an examination schedule data regaeding the books dispatch also will be out there on recently launched website.

It conjitinly facilitates students to urge access to the university news leeters AIOU AGHI news and views beside its in progress literary and social activities conjointly provides link of the university facebook and twitter for communication with university the administration appreciate the relevent officers and workers for there efforts of developing a comprehensive state of the art website.

Aiou allowing online aghi student profile portal to Matric\FA for submitting aiou assignments online to our tutors for checking aiou assignments online marks  nd many more even students can access quick links or can download handouts free of cost and get in touch with aiou announcments if you have not recived any announcement you can go on aiou students profile and see annoncements.

BA\B.ed\MA\M.ed students are maature students and they are able to understand everything deep mostly aiou students are job holders they have short time to attemp assignments and sometime donot know about the study course announcements becuase of some kind of reason  allow aiou allow its students a profile portal they can easily access and know about every university update ,so don.t have to worry abot last date or tutor address or annoucements   just sign in to your students portal and enjoy new development for students 


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