Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)

Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) is an associate certification authority. It accredits engineering programs at graduation level. The degree certificates of institutes, that are providing bachelor of engineering programs and aren't licensed with Asian country Engineering Council, aren't acceptable within the government sector of Asian countries for Engineering jobs. 

Its main statutory functions embody registration of engineers, consulting engineers, constructors/operators and certification of engineering programs offered by universities/institutions, guaranteeing and managing of continuous skilled development, aiding the central as think factory, establishing standards for engineering merchandise and services besides safeguarding the interest of its members. The council shall encourage, facilitate and regulate the operating of skilled engineering bodies for power and as custodians of engineering underneath the umbrella of the Council.

PEC interacts with the govt.each at the Federal and Provincial levels by collaborating in Commissions, Committees and consultatory Bodies. PEC may be a totally representative body of the engineering community within the country.

PEC has additionally been providing support to the govt. in conducting technical inquiries and recommending remedial measures on the themes stated. Over the years, the Asian country Engineering Council has become an associate powerful voice, that speaks for the engineering profession as an entire within the country. It forms an efficient bridge between Government, business and education.

PEC maintains an awfully lean secretariat at its Head Quarters at Islamabad and Branch Offices altogether the Provincial capitals; Azad Jammu and Jammu and Kashmir, Gilgit and Baltistan Region.


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